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Weighted Vest
Weighted Vest
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Weighted Vest

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All vests are created equally? Think again!


We have tried every vest currently on the market and none of them lived up to our expectations. So with our own vision in mind we have designed and created a premium vest for all occasions.


Comfort - Gone are the sheets of steel that offered no ergonomics and pressed in all the wrong places.  Instead, we use cast iron set in flexible foam, this way the vest can be tightened without constricting breathing, and ensures comfort in complex movements.


Secure - Forget elasticated side straps that allow the vest to bounce around, making constant movement like running uncomfortable at best, and 'upside down' moves impossible. Our straps have a small amount of give made of a tough elastic, adjustable material on the back which is instrumental to dial in a perfect fit, regardless of body shape.


Utilitarian - With 3 large pockets on the front which are perfect for carrying anything from bananas to bluetooth speakers, making this vest a must have for any occasion.


Hard wearing- Our first ever prototype vest is still going strong years after it was created. Since then it has been to the top of snowdon, numerous modifications, even kettlebells hanging off it.  Hours and hours of metcons, miles of running, pure abuse and its still going strong to this day.


  • Free postage to U.K addresses
  • One size fits all
  • Adjustable
  • Total weight including plates is 11.5kg
  • 5kg front, 5kg back plus weight of the vest & foam
  • Green or Black
  • Velcro front for awesome patches
  • Crown patch as standard with every vest