Jodey Hughes


 Jodey is an Olympic weightlifter who is quite new to the sport.  Despite this she has shown pure determination and hard work to have progressed so far in such a small amount of time.  It is for this reason we have teamed up with Jodey and are really excited to have her onboard.  She is the epitome of a BarQueen and is a shining example of hard work.  Every time she trains or gets on stage she shows everyone WHO WEARS THE CROWN.


I'm an Olympic weightlifter (58kgs) and I’ve recently competed at the commonwealth games for Team Scotland.  I’m not long back from Australia and super excited to see what the next 4 years will bring.  I’ve already started my first training block preparing for the next commonwealth’s which will be in Birmingham, back where I started weightlifting four years ago.

 It was only after the last Commonwealth games in Glasgow where I was in the audience watching and I fell in love with the sport.  So In total I’ve been lifting for almost 4 years. 

Before this, I did crossfit which I loved but I really sucked at cardio and just wanted to lift.  

I grew up in Canada where I played ice hockey. I was the only girl who played when I started out. I did a lot of work promoting the sport and by the time I left school there were enough girls to start an entire league which was amazing. It’s still running today. I also played national level softball. So when I moved to the UK, naturally, was a bit lost as my two favourite sports didn’t have much of a presence. I even found myself taking up running and did the London marathon a few years ago believe it or not. 

I’m super passionate about promoting weightlifting, particularly for girls as it’s a minority sport. Until recently, there had been a perception that girls shouldn’t lift weights and I love the reaction I get when I tell people that I’m a weightlifter. I get messages frequently from girls showing their support and fathers telling me that they’re encouraging their daughters to follow in my footsteps which makes everything so worth it! I do a lot of talks to local schools about weightlifting and stereotypes which I’m really hoping to get the message across that it’s okay to be a girl and be strong. I wish I would have had strong female role models in my life when I was growing up so I am hoping by doing this I will help encourage more young people into sport.

Ben Parsons


Ben is the perfect example of hard work pays off.  We have personally had the pleasure of seeing Ben progress into a top athlete over the past few years.  He always completes his programmed training no matter how horrible and difficult it looks on paper.  He is a team player who always has the time to chat and help anyone out who needs a hand. 

It's these qualities Ben has that makes him a true BarKing and we are proud to have him on board with us, showing everyone that if he can do it then you can too.



I have been training in the sport of CrossFit for 3 years, I really enjoy the challenges it sets me on a daily basis.  I love the competitiveness that comes with it, competing against other likeminded people everyday rather than having to wait long periods for that one tournament every 2-4 years like the previous sport I competed in.

Growing up I played various sports at a good level, mainly football up until I was 16.  I broke my collar bone twice during this period and unfortunately it prevented me from playing contact sports.  An old school teacher of mine coached the Great Britain u17s Ultimate Frisbee team, and due to that I started to compete in Ultimate Frisbee.  That year I competed in Austria for the under 17s and continued at that high level for the next 6-7 years.  Over my career I was lucky enough to travel around the world competing at the Open with club ultimate, 3 euros and worlds final.  You can see from my sporting history that I’ve always been super competitive, putting in the hard work and effort to stay at a high level of fitness and earn my place on the team.

Part way through my training for the Open (Frisbee), I stumbled upon CrossFit.  I decided to use it as a strength tool, to go alongside my conditioning in preparation for Frisbee. After 4 years being a part of team GB I decided to call it a day and started my journey in CrossFit, excited and hungry to see how far I can go in the sport.  I took part in last year’s Open and came 227th in Europe.  This year I aim to finish in the top 100 and improve my overall ranking.

For the past 7.5 years I’ve been an engineer starting at the bottom in the assembly shop.  I have worked hard to progress and now I’m a Tool maker, working in production engineer and completed a mechanical engineering degree.  Just like anyone who has a full time job, it’s difficult to juggle work and constantly progress in a sport.  I know I have the determination and work effort to achieve my goals not just in CrossFit but also in my job.